Conference Topics

Conference Topics

Area 1: Novel PV Materials and Concepts

1.1 Novel materials for future PV technologies
1.2 New PV concepts
1.3 Characterisation of physical phenomena in high-efficiency solar cells
1.4 Advanced concepts for light coupling and management

Area 2: Crystalline Silicon Materials and Solar Cells

2.1 Silicon feedstock & wafers
2.2 Multicrystalline silicon wafer solar cells
2.3 Monocrystalline silicon wafer solar cells
2.4 Simulation & characterisation of c-Si materials & cells

Area 3: Thin-film Materials and Solar Cells

3.1 Silicon thin-film solar cells
3.2 CIS and CdTe thin-film solar cells
3.3 Organic, dye and perovskite thin-film solar cells
3.4 III-V and other thin-film solar cells
3.5 Simulation & characterisation of thin-film solar cells

Area 4: PV Modules

4.1 Silicon wafer based PV modules
4.2 Thin-film PV modules
4.3 PV module reliability
4.4 Simulation & characterisation of PV modules

Area 5: PV Systems, Deployment and Grid Integration

5.1 PV system technology and BOS components
5.2 PV system testing & monitoring
5.3 PV system reliability
5.4 PV system energy yield & LCOE
5.5 Building integrated PV systems (BiPV)
5.6 PV grid integration
5.7 Off-grid PV systems / Rural electrification
5.8 PV deployment, markets, policies & financing