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Meco Equipment Engineers is a world-leading supplier of plating equipment (with an installed base of more than 800 systems in 34 countries) for the semiconductor, solar, connector and film & foil industry. Over the years, these systems have established an international reputation for high performance, outstanding reliability, top quality and unbeatable economy. Meco is a subsidiary of BE Semiconductor Industries (BESI), with facilities in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, US, Korea, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. BESI currently has a staff of over 1,600 fte and has excellent service capabilities throughout Asia, North-America and Europe.

For the PV industry Meco delivers in line plating equipment for copper metallization of high efficiency solar cells. Due to its high versatility and capability to plate both sides of the wafer in one process step, our plating equipment finds its way in for instance IBC, HJT, n-type bifacial and PERC cells . Our installed base includes pilot and high volume production lines installed at customer sites in Asia and North-America, leading to cell efficiencies in the range of 23-24%.

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